Waxbill Nigeria Limited

About Us

Our Story

Waxbill Nigeria Limited is a logistics, leisure. and energy solutions company, with specialty in all terrain logistics. We are wholly a Nigerian company with competence in handling general logistics and supplies, as well as energy solutions provider in Nigeria and across West Africa.

Waxbill Nigeria Limited in line with the global transition energy objectives and climate change offers clean and alternative energy solutions to homes and offices in Nigeria and West Africa. Our Solar systems and other renewable energy solutions have made lives easier for both off grid and connected homes and offices.

Our Mission

We have an irrevocable commitment to excellently execute projects in line with agreed specifications and services, through our tested competence and multidisciplinary skills, adding value to the businesses of our customers.

We meet our client’s demands for personal and professional service by offering innovative project management services.

Our Core Values:

Our Guiding Principles

We constantly seek innovative and creative ways of doing things with our Clients satisfaction uppermost in our agenda. To ensure this, we review project plans with clients, offering diverse ways of achieving excellent satisfactory results.

At Waxbill Nigeria Limited, we focus on possibilities, not limitations. We want to evolve and keep abreast of changes and developments. We strive to be dynamic and adaptable. We do not look passively while the world passes us by. Our employees act responsibly and make decisions that will benefit you as our customer.

The Quality of our work is guaranteed. We are not happy if our clients are unsatisfied with the work we have done. That is why each of our projects goes through a rigorous phase, with you, the client present at various stages to be assured that services are delivered timely, correctly and intact.

We Understand Requirements

At Waxbill we understand the needs of our clients, and we move into action to ensure we meet those needs with utmost satisfaction of our customers.

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We Work Precisely

Precision in service delivery is a major emphasis at Waxbill Nigeria Limited. We pay attention to details and deliver precisely what you need.

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We Deliver Best Output

A major factor that sets Waxbill aside from other logistics and energy solutions companies in Nigeria is our speedy delivery to any part of Nigeria. We move fast!

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