Waxbill Nigeria Limited

Our Philosophy

Our service delivery is hinged on exceptional customer experience and satisfaction. Relationships form the crux of our business at Waxbill, hence we focus on establishing relationships with our customers/clients by delivering quality.

Meticulous Planning

We put a lot of efforts into planning our clients' projects and services, to ensure we get it right from the onset.

Perfect Execution

Our Project Managers and Quality Assurance experts ensure clients' deliveries are executed perfectly well.

Fast Delivery

Timing is very important to us; we offer the fastest way to deliver items and transport personnel across Nigeria.

Affordable Prices

Although our services are exceptional, we don't offer quality at an outrageous costs. Our prices are still very affordable.

Our Specialization

2 Years Warranty

Solar Inverters

We provide affordable energy inverter systems for
your home and office, helping you save money on energy
consumption and fuel.
Our solar inverters last for 24 to 48 hours straight use
with full load.

Trusted and reliable

Logistics Services

 We take care of all your logistics need:
Corporate Logistics
Goods Storage
Private Cab Services
And More ...

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